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Benefits of E Coat Process

Immersion Process

Complete immersion ensures thorough cleaning for e-coat. Spray-applied coatings cannot guarantee complete coverage.

High-Edge Protection

Extra protection and coverage of fin edges as well as enhanced fin perforations are ensured to maintain corrosion durability.

Durability Flexible finish will not flake, chip, crack or peel like brittle, baked phenolics.
UV Resistance Polyurethane topcoat applied utilizing laser-smart spray technology provides ultraviolet protection when needed.
Uniform Film Build There is a negligible effect on heat-transfer efficiency. Other coating technologies (sprayed or dipped) have little control on film build and can adversely impact thermal performance.
Low Film Build E-coat averages 1 mil dry film thickness and will not bridge fins or fin enhancements. Dipped or flow- coated phenolics are typically from 4 to 6 mils dry film thickness.
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